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Esposito & Wiener, LLC evolved from a firm founded by Joel Wiener in 1971 and a firm founded by Harry W. Esposito in 1987 to its present form. The firm services clients in all types of business entities as well as individuals, estates and trusts. If you need the capabilities of a large firm yet want to enjoy the personal touch of a smaller one, Esposito & Wiener, LLC is right for you. Our client base extends throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and many throughout the country.


In today’s changing business economy, you are confronted with an array of decisions to make, problems to resolve, and opportunities to seize. Having shrewd advisors available to assist you in maximizing opportunities and solving problems can make all the difference in the world. A productive relationship with a professional service firm rests on the involvement of a firm’s personnel who excel technically in their area of expertise and then bring that expertise into focus by aggressively and actively working to improve your operations. This hands-on approach sets Esposito & Wiener, LLC apart from other accounting firms. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognize potential problems before they arise and capitalize on opportunities while they are available.


We offer our clients a diverse range of expertise in financial statement preparation, tax and consulting services. We work to serve the needs of our clients and network with other professionals to attain that goal. Through our history, we have gained experience in many industries and have faced and resolved many issues. We constantly update our technology, expand our knowledge through continuing education, and grow our staff to meet the needs of those we serve. Our service is at the highest professional level, complying with all professional standards and regulatory requirements. As Certified Public Accountants, we are proud of where we have been, proud of where we are, and where we are going. We are committed to serve.

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